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At ENoor we've been developing applications since the 1980's. Since we have over 15 years of experience in this field, we know how to meet our clients needs with applications that are reliable, efficient, secure and, most importantly, correct. Most of our developement work these days is in the area of web-based applications, but we still implement the occasional 'traditional' solution.

You can avail of our expertise by using one of our easily customizable ready-made solutions, or alternatively you could have us develop a custom application for you. A detailed description of our custom application development process is available here, and more information about our ready-to-use applications is provided below:

Customer & Leads Management
Manage your Customer and Leads Data from the web. Keep track of their accounts, resource usage, emails sent and received and trouble tickets all from a standard web browser. Fine-grained permission management allows call center operators, technicians and managers to work simultaneously without stepping on each-other's toes.
Our Groupware application enables web your site's visitors to participate in communities. Threaded Discussion Forums are at the center of this solution, allowing users' interatctions to generate their own web content.
Inventory Management
This system will allow you to upload your new and used car inventory to your web site. Make changes from your desk and have the changes take effect immediately. You can upload multiple photographs and if you have multiple stores, have quote requests sent to the appropriate store automatically.
Our E-Commerce application allows for arbitrarily nested categories. We support markups per item or for an entire category. Authenticate credit card information in real time, and have receipts emailed to you and your client immediately.


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