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Email Solutions from ENoor

As popular as the World Wide Web is today, many businesses realize that a solid email infrastucture is an absolute necessity.We like to say that email is like electricity. You take it for granted when it's there, but can't imagine life without it. Whether you're a small business or a multi-national organization, a sound email infrastructure is essential for your presence on the Internet. Increase the reliability and reduce the costs of your email service by outsourcing your email services to ENoor.

When you look for email hosting, look for a company that provides you with an email backbone that's robust enough to support your current needs as well as flexible enough to support your future needs. We use the industry's leading email server to provide our customers with secure, reliable, scalable email solutions.

If you have your own domain, we can provide you with an unlimited number of email addresses, including 'popular' ones like sales or webmaster. Our control panel allows you to create new POP3 mailboxes and aliases. You can have all email adressed to a particular alias redirected to a POP3 mailbox or forwarded to an external email address.

You can also have an unlimited number of 'dash' extensions to your email addresses. For example, if your email address is you@example.com, you can also receive all email to you-anything@example.com. This is really useful when you have to submit your email address in order to register for something online. You can then use the filters on your mail programs to, say, redirect all emails addressed to you-anything@example.com to one folder, and all emails addressed to you-something@example.com to another folder. Of course, the 'anything' and 'something' in this example can be any text. There is no limit to the number of dash-extensions you may have.

Although email should be the most convenient way for a customer to get an answer to a question, most corporations take hours or days to respond to email. Or worst of all, don't respond at all, potentially losing valuable customers. ENoor software makes it easy to manage your corporate email and ensure customer requests are replied to in a timely manner.

Email solutions from ENoor feature:

Highly experienced staff ready to quickly respond to your requests
Control Panels
Efficient and easy to use administration of email accounts including adding new addresses, creating email lists, and much more.
State of the art and extremely robust email technology, able to handle hundreds of thousands of email accounts.
Compatibility with all major email reader software (e.g. Netscape, MS Outlook Express).
Optional email tracking feature, ensuring that every email from a customer is read and responded to in a timely manner. E-Bot(TM) software from ENoor will monitor when a customer email has not been responded to in a configured amount of time, and escalate the email for higher priority response.
View reports on how much time it takes to respond to customer emails.
The option to have autoresponders on any email address.
An unlimited amount of POP accounts, email aliases and mailing lists.


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